Calorie And Macro Nutrients

To make sure we are repairing / building muscle after our workouts, being aware and paying attention to our caloric needs and intake is important. Using this calculator you can calculate your calorie and macro nutrients needs.

Use your current stats (height, weight, age, exercise level, goal)

Height: 5’10

Weight: 184

Age: 33

Exercise level – 1-3 days a weel

Goal: 1 lb / week

Once you have your inputs, go to a website like Macro Nutrient Calculator

Calorie And Macro Nutrients James Study

This calculator will give you a general idea of calories you need daily, including your macro nutrients (protein, carbs, fat, sugar, sat).

Getting in a habit of knowing what you need will help you mentally calculate on the fly as you become more aware o what you need in terms of calorie And macro nutrients.

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