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Cannabis As a medicine has been proven over and over, time and time again. It brings to question: Why is cannabis still federally illegal?

Endocannabinoid System Discovery: “This chapter charts how the 1964 discovery of tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol led to the 1988 discovery of the Endocannabinoid System ( ECS ), the largest receptor system and the master regulator of homeostasis in the human body” src

CBD creates neurogenesis (creates new cells) src

THC induces apoptosis (forces cancer cells to become normal cells) src

Cannabis and Economics

The Economic Benefits of Legalizing Weed – Investopedia

Cannabis Legalization Is Key To Economic Recovery

Why Cannabis Legalization Is A Priority 1A (Very High Importance)

Cannabis was made illegal for reasons of greed and fear, and this continues to much of today. Cannabis companies do not have access to banks and it continues to be a federal crime for companies to grow a commodity and be involved in commerce. We are punishing people who grow a plant and consume medicine. We are punishing people for being entrepreneurs.

The fact remains that the world followed US policy on cannabis, and it continues to be a global issue that a medicinal and recreational herb remains illegal.

Cannabis must be legalized federally ASAP. No scheduling. Those who are in jail for nonviolent drug crimes should be released and records expunged. Companies should have immediate access to banks. Cannabis being illegal makes the medicine have negative consequences and the industry has more crime involved due to its “illegal in nature” and excess amounts of money.


I have created a treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. Located on the front page of I have translated this to Russian and will translate it to every other language.

Scientific Theory, Method, Hypothesis: Verifying The Parkinson’s Conclusion

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Cancer Cure Routine: How To Beat Cancer

How To Fight Cancer And Parkinson’s: Antioxidants, Polyphenols, And EGCG

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I have written 3 articles on economics and health here:

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Money is an energy and is tied to Health

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Entrepreneurs Create Jobs

Technology and Digital Bill of Rights

Technology becomes an ever increasing part of our society. Human rights have always been a part of the American spirit.

I believe, today, many tech and non tech companies are overstepping boundaries of American citizens. Using technology to spy on people is illegal, unconstitutional, and goes against science (quantum observation, easily provable).

A person’s online activity and data should belong to them. There was a recent debate between Facebook and Apple about user privacy. Apple updated it’s technology so the USER was in control of their data and what they provided to Facebook.

I believe that any data (their image and likeness) belongs to the person, not a company. Any tech or non tech company should be required to ask PERMISSION of all data that the company may collect. It should be up to the individual person / user of that technology on how much data that the company should receive.

Many of these tech companies receive large sums of money for data which belongs to the individual user. This is serious in regards to the individual liberty of people of this country. This would be made worse over time if such a Digital Bill Of Rights continues to not exist.

Technology Month for Senate or Congress

I believe that the largest tech companies that operate in this company should be brought before the Senate, Congress or both to teach the country how their technology works and how it may impact the person / user on an individual basis.

Companies that I believe should have a show and tell:

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Comcast

Government Entities that I believe should have a show and tell:

CIA, NSA, DEA, FDA, Department of AG, Department of Health, Drug Enforcement

The above entities and companies should reveal what technology they use, how they use it and how it impacts citizens. They should also reveal on a day to day basis what activities they do and how it impacts citizens.

Many of these companies will say they have proprietary software. A company will still be able to disclose what they do and how they do it without showing their actual algothirthms. Two things to this: Those algorithms may be impacting individuals in a positive or negative way, this should be determined before congress or senate.

Proprietary Vs National security is an interesting conversation to have. There are many concepts which would serve better as open source, seeing as so many government and non government (private) entities operate on such technology, which could impact people without anyone but a select few people knowing.

How do we balance national security and the growing technological landscape?

Secret algorithms that can sway mood and focus, keeping a user glued to a device while that website continues to harvest data continuously from their behaviors on their website and while off their website should be viewed under a microscope. Again, these companies can explain using power points and charts what their company does, how they do it, without revealing their “secret algorithms ” – and besides, who is in charge of these algorithms that determine what we see, when we see it? How do these changes happen? How would a user know if any changes happened and how it may impact them?

This is why I believe any technology must ask the users permission before taking any data from them – many of these companies make large sums of money from the habits of individuals. A person who is a trillionaire may have data which is worth way more than the average individual. Why should any company, be it the news or tech company, be able to make money off of the image and likeness of someone else without their permission?

I have further concepts which I will be releasing on

Thank you for reading.

James Gonzalez

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