Parkinson’s Disease – A Conversation With Your Doctor

A conversation with your doctor about Parkinson’s Disease.

(Theoretical conversation on how a conversation about Parkinson’s should go)

“Hey Doc”

Patient: My hands are trembling, it’s hard to walk. I have severe fatigue and high levels of anxiety. I have been feeling generally depressed with loss of interest in things I enjoy.

Doctor: It sounds like you have combination of bodily symptoms which is called Parkinson’s Disease.

Doctor: Not to worry.

Doctor: Parkinson’s is a series of issues going wrong in the body.

Doctor: You likely have severe nutrient deficiencies caused through a poor diet, stress or environmental factors.

Doctor: First, we want to get you on a Iodine (1mg) and Magnesium (500mg). Iodine helps the body create dopamine and serotonin, helps regulate the metabolism, and can help with the depression.

Doctor: Magnesium helps with depression, anxiety, fear response and energy production. Magnesium plays a role in regulating muscle contraction and helps build muscle. Magnesium has over 600 roles in the body. A very important nutrient.

Doctor: The Iodine and Magnesium will help address the tremors and adrenaline fairly quickly. I understand that the tremors can be an embarrassing part of the disease which makes all of the other symptoms worse. We want to get the adrenaline (fight or flight) under control, and lessen the symptoms of depression.

Doctor: Next, we’d want to start supplementing with vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are necessary to thousands of functions in the body. They are the underlying resource that the body uses to heal and repair itself.

Doctor: In addition, getting you on an anti-inflammatory diet; reducing sugar, fried foods, animal products, alcohol, and processed foods.

Doctor: We want to make sure you are eating enough calories and protein every day for proper bodily function and muscle building and repair. Getting enough fruits and vegetables is also important.

Doctor: Next, we want to make sure you are on a probiotic which will help you balance out your gut health. The gut brain axis is very important for our mental well being. The good bacteria helps get rid of the bad bacteria, creating a balanced gut flora for good health.

Doctor: After that, we want to make sure you are taking CBD every day, at least 30 mg per day, upwards of 300-500 mg per day. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for the balance of the body, helps create dopamine (feel good chemicals), regulates the bodily systems including the central nervous system and motor functioning.

Doctor: I would also recommend taking B12 to improve energy and mental well being and vitamin D3, in addition to the vitamins and minerals already discussed.

Doctor: A person with Parkinson’s has severe vitamin and mineral deficiency, loss of dopamine neurons, loss of muscle, degradation of the mind-muscle connection, and a dysfunctioning thyroid.

Doctor: We can correct all of these issues with the aforementioned nutrients. These are essential to the bodies functioning. Stressful events can lead to severe vitamin and mineral wasting, and so can a poor diet.

Doctor: Hydration is important and I would recommend 4-5 liters of alkaline water every day.

Doctor: Sleep is paramount to healing and recovery. Try to get 8-10 hours of sleep as you are improving from your disease. A dark and colder environment is beneficial to a good nights rest.

Doctor: After around 2-6 months, your energy will begin to return. You can begin a stretching routine as soon as you feel healthy enough to do so. A stretching routine will begin to reestablish the mind-body connection. The body must relearn where the muscles are.

Doctor: A cardio and stretching routine will be sufficient until you feel healthy enough to begin a workout regiment. It’s been noted in scientific studies that regular exercise reduces all types of chronic diseases. It’s very important to exercise the muscles.

Doctor: As the energy begins to return and we are eating sufficient calories, we will begin a muscle building routine to help create new muscle which may have degraded overtime due to lack of calories, extreme stress and the body being in a muscle wasting or “catabolic” state due to a dysfunctioning thyroid.

Doctor: We will provide you with a nutrient list and their function, when you should take the nutrients, a dietary food list, places to get prepacked food, hydration and sleep information, and cannabinoid and endocannabinoid system information.

Doctor: You can even use small amounts of THC, increasing as necessary. There are promising results from THC oil to reduce tremors. I believe all of these together will make a powerful healing protocol.

Doctor: We will also provide you with a cardio and stretching regimen, and a beginners weight lifting routine. We even have referrals to Physical Therapists and Physical Trainers if you would prefer to be coached through your muscle building program. If you are a new weightlifter, we would recommend a physical trainer. Your insurance will cover the costs.

Doctor: And remember, just as it takes time to build muscle (and patience), it takes time for the body to heal itself. With all of this information you are prepared to begin your healing journey to complete health.

Doctor: You will get better and we are here to help. Believing you will get better is important and will speed up your recovery.

Doctor: We are here at anytime to assist in anyway on your path to health. Let us know how we can help.

A Conversation With Your Doctor About Parkinson’s Disease

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