Curing All Disease

What is the answer to curing all disease?

Biologically, we are resource dependent. Similar to plants, we require nutrients to grow.

When we are in the womb we require nutrients, received from food and the mother. The baby receives nutrients from the mother. If the mother is nutrient deficient, then the baby would likely be as well.

Poverty is cyclical and so is generational trauma; If you are resource restricted, it’s likely your food could be resource restricted. Resource restriction leads to calorie and nutrient restriction, higher amounts of stress, more vitamin and mineral wasting, less sleep and worse health outcomes (mental and phyislcal)

330 billion cells are regenerated everyday. What underlying resource does the body require to regenerate these cells? What happens if these cells do not have the proper nutrients?

As we age, we use nutrients and we lose nutrients. Our gut health, ECS, immune system, thyroid, brain, etc all use specific resources to regenerate and maintain optimal health.

As we get older it’s possible we become even more nutrient deficient by not eating a proper diet. This is exasperated over a time scale. The opposite is also true! We can achieve higher states of optimal health by supplementing over the same time scale.

With the dawn of the internet and advent of online shopping (thanks capitalism), we live in a point of time where we can find pretty much anything in the world because there is financial incentive to do so.

Every vitamin, mineral, nutrient, amino acids, fatty acids, etc can be found on an online store or in store. Providing us the ability to find our own health answers very quickly.

What happens if we provide our body with all the necessary nutrients that our body needs over an extended period of time. Is our food meeting all of out nutrient requirements?

is the end of all disease found in vitamins, mineral, nutrients?

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