Detox From Meat: How Do I Detox From A Meat Based Diet?

Detox from meat – how to detox from a meat based diet. Pyramid of Health

You may have heard of dietary detox before – most people think they are nonsense – “eliminating toxins from the body”. Toxins can build up in forms of meat, diary, eggs, inflammation causing foods like sugar, alcohol, fried foods, white bread, lard, margarine.

Toxins can also come in the form of environmental toxins like pesticides, cleaning products, chemical products, physical materials and organisms that cause disease.

Since most infectious diseases in humans originate from animals, eliminating meat from your diet is one of first and most important dietary changes we can make – and that you will need to detox from.

Meat Is Addictive

Much like a drug addict, eating meat is addictive and hard to stop.

Other studies have linked meat consumption to heart disease, diabetes, strokes and several other types of cancer. And yet many people are still eating meat. This may be because meat and other animal-based foods contain opiates and other drug-like chemicals that cause people to get “hooked” and keep craving more,hooked%E2%80%9D%20and%20keep%20craving%20more.

Eating Meat as Infants

We eat meat as infants – three times a day. Eating meat has become so ingrained in our culture that the habit is hard to stop. The feed that the animal consumes (including the drugs) goes into the animal and eventually into us.

“They’re off to an animal-based diet start. And if you eat meat three times a day through infancy, childhood, through adolescence, puberty, through your teens, your twenties, your thirties, you’re going to get dependent on the carnitine, the creatine, the muscle-based nutrients that are coming in with the food. Your body makes them but if they are coming in three times a day since infancy, what are your genes going to do?”

He continued: “They’re going to down-regulate their own production of carnitine and creatine because it’s coming in three times a day. Well that works as long as you’re still eating it – of course you’re brewing up a bunch of different diseases while you’re doing it – but if you suddenly stop eating flesh you’re body’s still looking for those pre-formed nutrients and you have to make them on your own.

“Most people can gear up their genes and enzymes to start synthesizing their own carnitine and creatine but some folks might be a bit slower, might take six months or a year before they’re really manufacturing that and they get meat cravings and when they eat meat…they feel great. This not normal human physiology, it is an acquired dependency created by feeding a human flesh three times a day in infancy. No primate does that.”

There are nutrients in meat that we consume as infants that makes it chemically addictive and hard to stop eating flesh – as noted above, no other primate does this except humans. Eating meat is indeed an addiction – hard to break but possible with the correct information and science.

How To Detox From Meat Based Diet

It can take some time to detox from meat and toxins. Anywhere from days to weeks to months to eliminate all of the toxins from the body. When we are flushing out inflammation, and other endotoxins which come from meat, they will be more readily available in our blood stream.

It can seem that you may get “worse” temporarily while you heal – the paradox of health is sickness; meaning you may get sick as you are healing.

Use Vitamin C (a powerful substance for healing) and other supplements to help the body heal.

  1. Slow down your intake of meat. Some may find it easier to stop immediately, and some may find the need to eat less and less until you are no longer “craving” meat.
  2. Lower your intake of sugar – read labels, avoid soft drinks, avoid sweet deserts, don’t add sugar to anything. eat less than 50 grams of sugar a day.
  3. Learn about inflammatory causing foods (meat caues inflammation). Avoid inflammatory causing foods.
  4. Drink lots of high quality water (high PH water). Water helps the body rid itself of waste. Detoxing without water creates a slogging effect of waste in your body. Hydrate frequently (preferably every 45 minutes)
  5. Use supplements to empower the body to heal itself – Vitamins, minerals, probiotics, CBD, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Magnesium
  6. Look for anti-inflammatory supplements
  7. Adopt a anti-inflammatory diet
  8. Consider plant based / vegan diets
  9. Light exercise (walking on the treadmill is fine)
  10. Stress reduction – try to reduce stress as much as possible
  11. Allow the body to rest as it needs – the body heals itself when resting
  12. Adjust your information diet – avoid information, like news, which can cause stress and inflammation
  13. Empower yourself emotionally – “I am healthy” “My body heals itself quickly” “I can overcome any obstacle”

One thing I would also like to point out – eating meat is an addiction similar to drugs – cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and other cannabinoids are powerful tools to be used against addiction.

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