Forgetting Disease

Paradox of Health

Forgetting disease – to get healthy we must forget sickness.

The paradox of health is sickness. If an individual is really sick, they must expel sickness (waste, viruses, bacteria, inflammation) in order to get healthy. This is the meaning of the paradox of health is sickness.

Often times when we are going through the cycle of ridding our bodies of toxins and sickness, we will feel periods of increased illness until we have removed all dis-ease from our body.

Mental Struggle and Sickness

With serious illness like Parkinson’s, cancer, depression, etc. there is likely a prolonged period of mental struggle. Sickness can become a mentality; a piece of our personality if we let it become a part of us. Speaking about our illness as if it is one with our personality continues to let it permeate in our energetic, mental and physical states.

If we are determined to get healthy – and not just subsiding symptoms – but truly improving our overall health condition, we must learn the right answer to heal the body (pyramid of health) and learn how to forget dis-ease or sickness all together.

Forgetting Disease

If we are in a state where the only thing we can think about or remember is our sickness – then we are not improving, we are living in a state of sickness, disease and despair.

  • If you are sick, is it hard for you think about health and being in optimal health?
  • If you are healthy, do you think about sickness and disease?
  • When you have a stuffy nose, do you appreciate the times when you do not have congestion?

Transitioning from a mental state of illness to health requires an understanding of what it takes to become healthy.

To those who are sick and know only sickness and disease – what would it look and feel like, a state of being, to only know health and ease?

Is knowing how to forget illness the final step of becoming truly healthy?

Those Who Prognosticate Bad Health

Be wary of those who prognosticate bad health. Be wary of those who inform you that you cannot become healthy, or you have an incurable disease. Be wary of those who do not inform you of the things which will make you healthy.

In order to achieve health, we must believe in healing and solutions. It would be ideal to be around those who encourage mental belief that the body and mind can and will heal itself; that healing is possible.

If you cannot surround yourself with these types of people – be the support you need. Foster a mental attitude that understands that it must start with you. To convince yourself of healing, that healing is possible, is the strongest thing you can do. Mental strength and resolve will get you where you need to go.

THC and Forgetting Disease

A final note on forgetting disease – the medication that is illegal, can help us heal and help us forget. THC helps us achieve happy states of being which helps the body with healing. It also helps us forget state of pain, fear, despair and disease.

A truly powerful medicine – that can help us once and for all – forget disease.

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