GameStop – What Does It Mean?

What does GameStop Mean? GameStop currently sits at 128 a share (1/12/2022) – This ‘meme’ stock has been a hot button issue. But why?

Why would a game company with just less than 5,000 stores sit at the edge of bankruptcy?

There are now a total 226.6 million video game players in the U.S. of all ages, growing nearly 6% from 214.4 million in 2020, according to the ESA. That’s on the heels of the video-game audience swelling about 30% last year, up from 164 million in 2019.


There are more video game players in the United States then there ever have been at any point in time. Does it make sense that a company with this many stores, this many employees, this many physical products is set to go under?
It does not make any sense what so ever.

In my view, a few hedge funds decided to cripple a well known company because they wanted to sell off their assets for quick buck and take up their proprietary technology which they are working to keep for themselves.

A few people took notice, bought some shares and sent it to the moon because it is an exceptional deal and company to buy into. It is a company that returns fun money – this is a concept which is foreign to many people but always consider the source of your income. Gaming is fun money.

Short Selling A US Company

What does it mean when a group of people decide to bet against a long standing company in the United States? It means that they are betting against the US itself. They are betting against ingenuity, innovation and American spirit.
They are betting against the economy. They are betting against people and jobs. They are betting against everything it means to be American – they are doing this for a quick buck. Selling their soul for a few dollars.

Short sellers are parasitic. They look for weak companies to syphon off of their hard work. They are the antithesis of the American Spirit, the American Dream.
Millions of people world wide have decided to invest in GameStop because they believe in gaming, they believe in the US, and they believe in a better future.

I want to reiterate this point very clearly:

Those who willingly bet against US companies to see them bankrupted, tens of thousands to potentially hundreds of thousands jobs lost, and steering the economy towards a recession or even worse a long lasting depression (anyone study history?) are the opposite of Americans.

They are anti-American

They are anti-capitalism

They are anti-freedom

Make no mistake, this isn’t just about just a stock, this is about the future of gaming. The future of the economy. The future of the future.

Power the players




PS. If I had the money, I would buy every single available share. (73% of the shares to be exact)

-James Gonzalez

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