Great Depression Years: Preventing Economic Depressions

The Great Depression Years: Between August 1929 and March 1933.The Great Depression lasted 43 months or just under 4 years.

Industrial production between 1929 and 1933 fell by nearly 47 percent and Gross domestic product (GDP) declined by 30 percent. Unemployment reached more than 20 percent and, furthermore, half of the US banks had failed.

What caused the Great Depression?

Current understanding:

  1. Stock Market Crash of 1929
  2. Banking Panic + monetary contraction
  3. Gold Standard
  4. Decreased international lending and tarrifs

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Can We Prevent Economic Depressions and Great Depression years?

Every 8-12 years it seems we have economic cycles which create economic inconsistency.

Inconsistency is a word which does not adequately describe a recession or a depression. 

Recessions and Money Contraction (Slowing)

Recessions are due to the velocity of money movement slowing due to various reasons. Money is an energy and can move faster or slower. There could be many reasons which cause economic recessions. Generally consumer confidence goes down (health/less money available), investing goes down, prices go up, geopolitical instability, national concerns of health, investment, job security, etc. 

Economic Depressions & Individual Depression

Depressions are prolonged period of economic activity which are fearful/lacking of energy/economic activity. Economic health is connected to personal health – depressions are large economic scaled health concerns.

If a large percentage of a population are anxious or depressed, a economic depression occur. Furthermore, prolonged periods of depressions can alter a economy, sometimes permanently. 

These cycles also have to do with political back and fourth. If a country cannot agree on a set of ideas or economic principles, consequently, these economic concepts will go back and fourth coinciding with the election cycle, including a portion of the population upset that their side “won”, and the other side upset that their side “lost”. This is essentially a bipolar economic model. 

Creating Economic Certainty and Consistency

How do we create more economic certainty and consistency? Creating more wealth, health, energy and prosperity? Creating a safer, happier and wealthier society? 

We focus on the correct health issue: vitamins, minerals, probiotics, cbd

We focus on reducing inflation where it matters most: Healthcare.

If getting healthier leads to more energy (vitality), would it also lead to more energy (money)?

If our understanding of depression was more clear (vitamin, mineral deficiency; gut flora imbalance; cannabinoids deficiency) and we were able to consistently keep our bodies healthy (preventing anxiety and depressions, other symptoms of disease) on an individual level and national level – would this create more consistency and stability?

I think as a result of focusing on health of the individual we could create more economic consistency.

Great Depression Years

great depression years

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