How I Discovered The Cure For Parkinson’s Disease

Cure for Parkinson’s disease: The solution for Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a complicated issue – there are multiple things going wrong with the body. As an information systems analyst, I look at the body as a series of systems (because it is).

Digestive, Muscular, Integumentary, Lymphatic, Endocrine, Nervous, Skeletal, Reproductive, Respiratory, Urinary, and Circulatory systems (and additionally the Endocannabinoid system)

In order to properly diagnose issues, you must understand the underlying systems and the resources it uses to operate. Having a computer science background gave me unique insight into this problem.

In addition to being a computer scientist, I am also a bodybuilder, cannabis expert (endocannabinoid system), I am a data analyst (analyzing data sets), and a health enthusiast. I study fitness and nutrition for fun. I am a business analyst, manufacturing expert, and a product designer. I am an avid video gamer. I am highly logical and highly emotional. I use both logic and emotion to figure things out.

When someone says that something is incurable – it means that we haven’t figured out what the exact problem is yet. 200 years ago when James Parkinson was identifying the issue of “shaking palsy”, he was fully well aware that our science wasn’t developed enough yet to figure out the issue (a very depressing conclusion) .

When our science, technology (evolution) is developed enough, it will help us have greater understanding and clarity. Our technology has developed far enough that allows an individual like myself to learn many different subjects at a time, at lightning speeds. Sometimes individuals study one subject, sometimes individuals study as many subjects as they can as they believe the culmination of information will lead to great insight.


Being a bodybuilder gave me the patience and insight to understanding how my body will grow given the right conditions. What nutrition does it take? How much resistance does it take? What frequency does it take to grow muscle? Are there other conditions that I must operate under to have the ideal muscle growth conditions? Do the other bodily systems have an effect on my body growing muscle?

Fitness and Nutrition

Bodybuilding is the science of growing muscle – fitness and nutrition is a different science (nutrition does overlap with bodybuilding, however, the goal of body building is to build muscle, sometimes at the expense of health).

Fitness is about creating an overall condition of health. A person focused on fitness isn’t necessarily focused on how large their muscular system can be, but focused on their overall health and fitness condition. The overall nutritional profile is more closely followed in a fitness and nutritional science (in my opinion)

Nutrition and supplements

Nutrition is focused on diet and how diet plays a role in our overall health. However, nutritional science is failing to understand how our food sources are incomplete in the overall vitamin and mineral profile which we need to stay healthy.

If we are unable to intake the proper amount of vitamins and minerals through our diet, regardless of how clean we eat, what do we do?

The answer in this case is that we must supplement the nutritional components which we are unable to get from our food. In my parkinson’s post, I uploaded a letter from 1920 where an individual laid out the issue of poor mineral content in the food we are eating 100 years ago – this problem has not improved, it has only worsened.

Our food is incomplete – a carrot is not a carrot, it is the nutritional profile composition. Calories are not the only thing we are focused on, it is the caloric intake plus the overall mineral and vitamin content.

Our body needs vitamins and minerals for it to operate at optimal levels, keep this in mind. A Cure for Parkinson’s disease and many other diseases is among nutrition and supplements.


I have studied cannabis in great detail in order to better understand it’s role in health and society. What I have discovered is that it is an exceptional medicine and recreational tool to be used as needed. I believe cannabis has helped humans evolve over millennia.

The endocannabinoid system is over 600 million years old – yet it does not appear in many discussions about health. The endocannabinoid system modulates all of the other bodily systems in the body which I have detailed above – the job of the ECS system is to create balance or homeostasis. If something is not operating correctly, the ECS steps in to modulate the behavior of the system itself – note I said system and not systems. The ECS does not need to modulate every system at the same time, it does so on an issue by issue basis as the ECS is an incredibly intelligent and efficient system.

To find a Cure for Parkinson’s disease and other diseases we can modulate the ECS through exogenous cannabinoids if we are not modulating it through our lifestyle (ideally through both).

How to modulate the ECS through endogenous cannabinoid production:

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids
  2. Reduce stress and alcohol consumption
  3. Exercise
  4. Caryophyllene (terpene like pepper)

How to modulate the ECS through exogenous cannabinoid production:

  1. CBD (cannabidiol)
  2. Cannabinoids

Through understanding the endocannabinoid system, and the overall intelligence of the cannabis plant, I gained a better understanding of health. I believe that the overall health of the people must start with the ECS system. It is that important and I am very grateful for taking the time to learn so much about this system and myself.


When we talk about health, we are quick to think about medicine, doctors, hospitals, nurses, etc.

When I talk about health I think about diet, nutrition, exercise, supplements, stress reduction, environment, communication, social interaction, lifestyle, job, pursuit of happiness, etc.

Health is a larger component than what we are used to or what we realize. There are so many components to the overall picture of health that if we are not willing to open up our understanding, we will always have a limited view of what health is, thus having a limited overall feeling and understanding of being healthy.

I study health because I care about myself, others, the environment, community, society and the overall future of not just this country, but the overall future of humanity.

The implications of not understanding the entire scope of health are dire. The cost to society and the future of our health and future generations are massive and hard to recover from if we do not try to understand the correct answer.


I study data analysis, business analysis, database analysis, data sets and so on because one I find it fun, and two it helps me have a better understanding of the world we operate in by gathering large amounts of data, processing and coming up with the correct solution on a problem by problem basis.

The more information that you learn, the more information you can cross reference at any given time, to understand the best solution available.

As a solutions and business analyst, it is my job to figure out the problem at hand, process the information, and then come up with the best solution at a given moment.

Pyramid of Health

Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics and CBD.

I believe this to be the overall foundation of health which society and humanity can use to improve our overall condition, not just for the next 6 months, but for the next 600,000 years.

If our food sources are incomplete, and our body requires vitamins and minerals in order to operate properly, what is the best solution available to ensure the overall longevity for the individual and for us as a collective.

Supplementation will get us to where we need to go, where we will find the next answer. Confidence interval: 100%; no room for error.

I have detailed in other posts about vitamins, minerals, probiotics and CBD.


If anyone was curious as to how I created the cure for Parkinson’s disease and most likely a cascading effect of improving symptoms of many other diseases, this is how. I study pretty much everything. I do this because I want to know and I am just trying to help.

I do believe with no doubt that finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease will get us to where we need to go, and quickly.

If you knew someone you loved was sick, what would you do to help them? What if all the current available resources to you were unable to help you find the right answer? You would search until you found the right answer?

Sometimes you have to do things without knowing what the result will be, just that you know you must do something. Some call this being a hero, I think its called just being human.

If this can help even one person – then I have done my job.

– James

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