How To Reduce Inflation: Lower Healthcare Expenses

How To Reduce Inflation: With many questions about the economy and rising costs there begs one major question. How do we reduce inflation in the United States of America?

Inflation – a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.

To explain the situation we are in we will use several base lines:

Rising Healthcare Costs by Year and its Causes

YearMinimum WageHealthcare CostsHC Growth %HC Cost / PersonInflation%
19903.80$721 B11.9%$2,8436.1%
19914.25$788 B9.2%$3,0704.1% Recession
19964.75$1.074 T5.2%$3,9642.95%
Welfare Reform
19975.15$1.13 T5.7%$4,1472.29%
Balanced Budget Act
20075.85$2.3 T6.5%$7,6284.1%
20086.55$2.4 T4.5%$7,8973.84% Recession
20097.25$2.5 T4.0%$8,143-.36%
20107.25$2.6 T4.0%$8,4021.64%
20117.25$2.7 T4.0%$8.6803.16%
20127.25$2.8 T4.0%$8,9152.07%
20137.25$2.9 T4.0%$9,2551.46%
20147.25$3 T4.0%$9,5231.62%
20157.25$3.2 T5.3%$9,990.12%
20167.25$3.3 T4.6%$10,3481.25%
20177.25$3.5 T4.2%$10,7392.14%
20187.25$3.6 T4.6%$10,8762.44%
20197.25$3.8 T4.6%$11,5821.81%
20207.25$4.1 T9.7%$12,3867%
20217.25$4.23 T5.2%$12,7927%

Minimum Wage

Between 1990 an 2021:

Minimum wage has increased by 90%

Similarly, In the same time frame:


The dollar had an average inflation rate of 2.36% per year between 1990 and 2018, producing a cumulative price increase of 92.22%. This means that prices in 2018 are 1.92 (190%) times higher than average prices since 1990, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index.

Health Care Costs Increases

Average health care costs per person 1990: $2,843

Average health care costs per person 2021: $12,792

$2,842 / $12,792 = 450%


Minimum wage has doubled since 1990.

Prices between 1990 and 2018 are 1.92 times higher (Inflation outpacing minimum wage).

Between 1990 and 2021 Health Care Costs have risen by 450%.

HEALTH CARE COSTS RISEN BY 450% (1990 – 2021)

Healthcare costs are expected to be $6T by 2028: increasing by another 50% in 6 YEARS ($18k / per person).

Healthcare costs took 21 years for healthcare costs to go from $725B to $2.7T.

Healthcare costs took 14 years for healthcare costs to go from $2T to $4.23T.

Healthcare costs are projected to take 6 years to increase another $2T to $6T.

The costs of healthcare are unsustainable: Using data given, it will take another 3 years to increase another $2T (2031).

How To Reduce Inflation:
The Solution

Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics, CBD (pyramid of health)

Average Cost:

$99 / month

393 B / $1,188 per person (year)

With this solution, people will actually get healthier because it is the correct solution; providing the body with the resources it needs.

They will need to see the doctor less, avoiding exorbitant healthcare prices, unnecessary tests, diagnoses and medicines which could exasperate the issue.

People, by and large, will have better overall health, including mental health, which could prevent an economic recession or depression. Our collective health as a nation is connected to our individual health. This could save untold trillions of dollars by avoiding economic recessions and depressions.

With this solution, we can see health care costs decrease – perhaps 4 T by 2028 (preventing 2 trillion increase and lowering costs by 2 trillion)

How To Reduce Inflation

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