Importance of Iodine

Importance of iodine – How important is the mineral iodine in our diet? Pyramid of Health

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Iodine – Essential Mineral

Iodine is an essential mineral that the body requires for normal function because we do not produce it on our own.[1] For nearly a century, nascent iodine has been regarded as a more effective form of this essential mineral compared to other dietary iodine forms, such as potassium iodide. src

The body cannot function properly without iodine, yet it cannot produce iodine on its own.[23] In the body, the thyroid gland uses iodine to produce the thyroid hormones T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (tetraiodothyronine or thyroxine), which affect metabolism, brain development, and immune health. Despite this, many people do not get enough of this vital mineral, even in North America and Europe. Deficiencies are more common in pregnant women who require extra iodine for the proper development of the unborn child. src

The World Health Organization estimates that over 1 billion people across the globe are at risk for iodine deficiency.[3] This is especially important for expecting mothers,[456] who tend to be at exceptionally high risk. Because so many people fail to consume sufficient iodine through diet alone, supplementation can be crucial for filling the gaps in their diet. src

How Iodine Works : importance of iodine

Nascent iodine can help maintain optimal levels of iodine in the body. This is particularly important for the thyroid gland, which relies on iodine for the production of critical hormones, T3 and T4. These thyroid hormones are responsible for things like metabolism,[7] brain development, and function[8] and even the body’s ability to produce energy.[9] Because nascent iodine is absorbed and utilized more readily than common dietary forms of iodine, it is easier for the thyroid to maintain homeostasis. In other words, it will have the appropriate amount of iodine to carry out its basic physiological processes. src

Iodine consumption and cognitive performance: Confirmation of adequate consumption

importance of iodine: Iodine, a dynamic nutrient present in thyroid hormones, is responsible for regulating thyroid function, supporting a healthy metabolism, and aiding growth and development. Iodine is also essential for brain development during specific time windows influencing neurogenesis, neuronal and glial cell differentiation, myelination, neuronal migration, and synaptogenesis. About 1.5 billion people in 130 countries live in areas at risk of iron deficiencies (IDs). Reduced mental ability due to IDs occurs in almost 300 million people. src


Health Benefits of Nascent Iodine

As a high-energy, electromagnetically-charged, pure form of iodine, nascent iodine is readily absorbed by the body and taken up by the thyroid gland. Nascent iodine fulfills all the health benefits that any dietary or supplementary iodine offers — supporting the thyroid, breast health, brain and bone development, and metabolism — but in a more efficient, readily absorbed form. Below are some of the benefits of nascent iodine and how it supports wellness. src

Supports Thyroid Function

The thyroid gland, which is responsible for everything from regulating your metabolism to supporting the immune system, is reliant on iodine to perform properly. Iodine is the base mineral used by the thyroid gland to create many of the hormones the gland releases. By supplementing with nascent iodine, you may be offering your thyroid the support it needs to properly function.  src

Supports Cognitive Function

Delayed cognitive function is one of the most telltale signs that your body is not getting enough iodine. Research has shown that supplementing with iodine may improve cognitive performance with things like understanding concepts and reasoning. src

Supports Immune and Metabolic System Functions

The thyroid is highly related to immune system function. By taking nascent iodine, you may support your thyroid, which, in turn, may offer secondary support for the immune system. Likewise, the metabolic system may also benefit from iodine supplements since iodine plays a role in metabolism functions controlled by hormonal secretions by the thyroid.  src

Slows the Uptake of Goitrogenic Halogens

Goitrogens are environmental, dietary, or medicinal toxins that are known to disrupt the thyroid’s ability to function normally. Goitrogens prevent the thyroid from taking up iodine — which is essential to produce thyroid hormones.[10] Halogens like bromine,[11] chlorine,[12] and fluorine are all chemically similar to iodine, and as a result, are readily taken up by the thyroid unless you ensure you are consuming enough iodine to saturate the thyroid.[13] Nascent iodine can aid in detoxification by eliminating these halogens from the body, and by slowing the body’s uptake of these potentially toxic halogens by keeping the thyroid saturated with iodine. src

Goitrogens are found in some grains (especially bread, which is high in bromine), cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage, and kale, cassava, coconut, and soy. Other dietary sources like sports drinks, soda, and processed vegetable oil may also contain goitrogens.[1415] src

Helps Weight Loss

Because of mild or even severe iodine deficiency, some people have low energy and a slow metabolism, which leads to weight gain. Iodine deficiency is sometimes connected with hypothyroidism, which is the underperformance of the thyroid gland, or hyperthyroidism, the over-functioning of the gland (which causes weight loss). Find out if you are iodine-deficient, and then boost your iodine levels to help balance out your hormone levels, stimulate normal metabolism, and improve endocrine gland function. src

Supports Mental Wellness

The developing fetus requires iodine for proper growth. In fact, iodine deficiency is the number one cause of preventable mental disabilities around the world. Iodine continues to support brain function during childhood when the brain is rapidly growing, and throughout life — improving mood, reducing brain fog, and balancing hormones. src

Boosts Immunity & Resists Harmful Organisms

Medical practitioners have used Iodine as an antiseptic for hundreds of years. It is applied topically on the skin to prevent infections and internally to deter harmful organisms. It also acts as an antioxidant, scavenging or counteracting the effects of free radicals that can otherwise cause oxidative cell damage. In these ways, iodine boosts the immune system. src

Nascent Iodine History

Nascent iodine has been used since the 1920s. Before the dramatic uptick in the use of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals, nascent iodine was used to support health and wellness in several ways. For one, iodine can be used topically to support skin tissue and has been shown to kill infection-causing bacteria.[1617] Nascent iodine was a popular choice for this. Iodine has also shown some ability to combat harmful organisms[17] and infections,[18] including urinary-tract disturbances[19] and respiratory infections.[20] Iodine can also support normal blood pressure levels[21] and has even been used in dentistry as an antiseptic.[22]

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