Information Diet

I’ve written a lot about diet and nutrition, how it impacts our body and society. A society that has a poor diet will lead to a dysfunctional society. If our bodies are not getting the adequate nutrition, dysfunction will become normal. Does an information diet impact our overall health?

When healing from a bad quality diet, considering the quality of your diet is very important. You might need to change what you eat.

Not spoken about very often is the quality of the information that we consume. Music, movies, books, games, social media, news, entertainment. These are all forms of information. Similar to having a bad quality food diet, we can have a bad quality information diet.

Information Diet

The Information that we consume can leave us feeling a certain way. If the news we are watching makes us feel bad, or the entertainment we are watching makes us feel nervous or scared, maybe this is not such a good thing.

Consider the information that you consume, similar to how you would consider the food you would consume. This all adds up to a healthy person. If you can cut out inflammatory foods, you can certainly cut out inflammatory sources of information.

Try to focus on information that is educational, uplifting, happy or something that puts you in a good mood.

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