Money, Energy and Health

Money. Energy. Health. Are they interconnected or no? Can we prevent economic recessions, depressions or even complete economic collapses by understanding money, energy and health?

Is Money an Energy?

Just like a calorie is a unit of energy, I believe that money is also a measure of energy. With money, you can buy food, you can buy clothes, go places, buy health supplements, buy sleep (good sleep), buy investments and businesses (which can in turn create even more money). You can buy education, you can buy travel you can buy art. All of these take money, which is an energy. An energy which create more happiness and comfort in your life.

A lack of money or energy means that you may not be able to by as much food, health, or rest.

Is Money (an Energy) Connected to Health?

A question I will pose to you, the reader:

If, by and large, More People Had More Money, Would Health Increase, Decrease or Stay the Same?

If people could afford their car payments, new houses, house upgrades, better food quality, more entertainment, more rest, vacations – would people be healthier or sicker? Would the nation as a whole be better off or not?

How do we fix this?

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