Parkinson’s Cure: A Resolution To All Diseases

Parkinson’s Cure / Curing All Disease (real – very important) 

I have created a Parkinson’s Cure / Treatment and am working to come up with a solution for all symptoms of all diseases. 

(I have a degree in programming / I am a computer and data scientist with a focus in cannabis, bodybuilding and health)

I firmly believe inflammation is the root cause of all disease – chronic stress and inflammation plagues our society (diet, nutrition, lack of exercise, stress in environment and internal)

How I cured Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Treatment and Research

Inflammation is the root cause of all Disease

Meat Consumption and the Spread of Disease

Anti Inflammatory Foods and Supplements

Computer Science View of Health Prevention

What is the Answer to Covid

What can help with mental health?

Pyramid of Health

Daily Supplements (read more about the supplement regimen)

1) Complete Multivitamin 

2) Complete Mineral Tablets 

3) Probiotics 

4) Vitamin C 20k mg a day (more if you have cancer, pure Ascorbic Acid only)

5) Vitamin E 400 – 1600 IU / day

6) Vitamin A 25k IU / day

7) CBD (50 – 100 mg / day – or more, take as needed)

8) B-Complex 

9) Magnesium 500 mg / day

Alongside a balanced diet (54% carbs, 28%fat, 18% protein) adjust based on needs Eat kcal appropriate for your height, weight and age: 

Thank you for taking the time to read this – I also emailed the white house my detailed plan on how we can incorporate vitamins, minerals, probiotics, cbd into our health care plans. 

$44B / mo, $500B a year will lead to lower health care costs, better health outcomes and a better overall economy (which will lead to better health outcomes as well)

Thank you for taking the time to read this


Parkinson's Cure

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