Computer Science Perspective of Health and Prevention

Programming and Health Prevention

From a Programming and Health Prevention viewpoint; if there was an issue with a system and that system was using a lot of resources for a certain case, and / or there was an issue with a part of the system being corrupted or becoming ill, not working properly, it would make sense that we start debugging the issue to determine where the resource leak, memory leak or other issue with a space becoming infected or corrupted (you could consider malware, trojans and viruses what can infect / corrupt a space or hard drive).

Using this concept, we could start debugging the issue: what is causing the issue? Where is the issue happening? Why is this occurring? How do we prevent this from happening in the future?

Finding The Root Cause

From an IT perspective, many issues (but not all) are caused by ‘user error’ – or a person not knowing how to use a device or simply not being aware of security or other technological concepts. Sometimes issues can occur through mistakes in the programming itself, or in education (educating users on how to properly use the technology)

In today’s world, I would ask these questions: What can we do to keep hospitals and doctors from being overwhelmed? What can we do to prevent illness? How can we better prepare individuals and communities to take care of their own health? (preventative maintenance). What can we do to lower the overall resource cost of health for:

1) individuals 2) communities 3) society as a whole

Preventative Maintenance, Programming and Health Prevention

Preventative maintenance is very common in cars, hotels, amusement parks, warehouses, etc. In order to prevent higher resource costs down the road, you would commit time and resources to preventative maintenance for, say, your car. This preventative maintenance would save you time and money, and make your drive safer as your car would be in better condition.

If we apply preventative maintenance to ourselves on an individual basis, we may see better health outcomes, improved lifestyles and ways of living, lower resource costs and perhaps even people who are happier, as a whole.

As programmers, we often look at what is the root cause of an issue. If you don’t look for the root cause of an issue, you will consistently spend time and resources fighting a symptom of the issue instead of the root cause. This is the heart of preventative maintenance; programming and health prevention.

Better Health Outcomes

What can we do on an individual level that can create better health outcomes that puts less strain on our health care system and those who operate in the health care system? What can we do on an individual level that can create better health outcomes for the average everyday person? How do we, as a society and as a nation, create a plan for the future where health is not only prioritized, but woven into the fabric of our society.

I believe a healthy nation is a prosperous and protected nation.

Programming and Health Prevention

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