Stress Reduction for Inflammation

Stress reduction for inflammation. Stress is a cause of chronic inflammation. What steps can we take to reduce inflammation caused by stress? Can gaming help us reduce stress and leading to less inflammation in the body?

Pyramid Of Health

Stress Inflammation One of the most common issues inside the body caused by stress is inflammation. Since anxiety causes long-term stress, inflammation is more likely. That same inflammation may cause your joints to swell, which ultimately leads to more pain with your movements.

Science, health, business…. and gaming?

stress reduction for inflammation

Gaming is a hobby which can help someone learn more about themselves, improve their skills. Time management, progress, timing, socialization, organization, directions, leadership, etc. Gaming can teach us so much, and create a less stressful environment.

Here is a clip I recently took from my new adventure in World of Warcraft (‘The Business‘, Night Elf Druid). I am playing on the realm ‘Thunderlord‘, which is a new realm with very few players. I hope to see some of you on there!

I just started over as a druid for the first time.

flying from darnassis
questing in lor’danel

Level 15 at the moment

stress reduction for inflammation

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