Supplement Routine

So I am currently on my own supplement routine for health and happiness and I thought I’d share. I’ve created a spreadsheet of all the nutes (nutrients) I’m taking, how often, how much it costs and where to buy; even includes a price breakdown so you know how much it’ll cost daily and how often you’ll need to replenish.

Remember to drink lots of water in general, and especially as you are putting more nutrients into your body. The body needs nutrients and water to heal, grow and prosper.

Average cost of health insurance in the US (right now) is:

$7,470 (individual) and $21,342 (family) (a bill employers fund roughly 3/4 of)

This supplement regimen costs $2,671 a year (roughly) – and you actually get healthier.

If you’d like the xlsx, here that is:

supplement routine

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