The Future of Fun City – Las Vegas, Nevada

What is Fun City? I believe Las Vegas is Fun City. Formerly (in my mind) known as Sin City, it would make more sense from a marketing standpoint to call Las Vegas: Fun City. I will explain why I think this and also ideas for the future of the city.

I am an investor and plan on investing in the community as a whole. I am also a programmer, software and business consultant, business analyst, manufacturer and product developer, and well versed in cannabis and health. The overall theme of my website is health, fitness and education, however, the website serves as a way to effectively communicate ideas.

Sin City

Sin City is an iconic name, yet has an overall negative sentiment to the name itself. The name itself could prevent people from coming here to experience the fun, the atmosphere and everything Vegas has to offer.

“Sin” has an overall negative sentiment, with belief that it is immoral, bad, negative or against certain ideals or virtues. For those that live and work here, this idea or sentiment could instill a general negative outlook even in the most basic of routines.

For those that come here, the overall concept of Sin City may deter from their overall experience. In my opinion, it is linking that having fun is sinful. This is my personal opinion and as a marketer.

Fun City

Now, what do people really do when they come here? They have fun. And it’s not just about gambling and drinking, although that is an option here in Fun City. Soccer matches, bowling tournaments, EDM and music, hockey, football, rodeo, life is beautiful festival, EDC, food festivals, and so many other amazing things.

People come here to relax and have fun, and that is why I consider it “Fun City”. Now outside of the general terms and idea of the city itself, I have some really amazing and fun ideas that could bring long term consistency and prosperity to the city itself.

The Future of Vegas

There are three things that immediately come to mind when I think of improving the city.

Internet, Water, and Energy

The fastest Internet in the World (broadband; 1GBS, 10 GBS, 25GBS, low cost)

The highest quality water in the World (come for the fun, stay for the water)

The lowest energy costs in the World (lots of space in Nevada; solar & wind)

Solar Energy

The City of Las Vegas uses around 400k MW of power per year. This is a lot of power. Since this is a 24/7 city, having as much power used coming from renewable sources is a good idea. Solar energy is unending energy. Upgrading our solar capturing capacity could revolutionize the city itself.

Along with lowering energy costs, on a long enough time scale, Nevada could be a state that exports solar energy. I have conceptually created a solar energy device which will generate at minimum 13 MW of power on a 16 hour charge.

This device is called a Solar Energy Pole and will revolutionize energy production.

Water Farming

Nevada itself has a lot of space, which receives a lot of energy from the sun which goes unused. Along with the energy, there is also a lot of space for water farming. One of the issues in Las Vegas is water availability.

There exists devices called Atmospheric Water Generators which pull water from humid environments (20% or more with current technology). I’ve researched some of these machines that can create 400k liters of clean water per day, per machine.

Combined with solar and wind energy, we could farm water for the entire city and make water an export for Nevada (revenue!).

On top of the water farming itself, I believe the city should invest in the highest quality water purification system possible. Water is essential to life, and a part of hospitality is providing the environment for the customer, client or resident to enjoy the highest quality water possible.

There is a direct correlation between the amount of money spent in water quality and productivity. Bad water quality will affect health, mood and energy.

Internet Speed

With the fast internet comes great technology and advancement. Las Vegas could become a tech hub for those who would want to live in the ambiance of fun city.

As a tech person myself, I understand how important internet speeds are and would like to invest heavily in upgrading the internet speeds in Las Vegas.

Diversifying the Economy

Vegas will always be a hospitality city, however, it’s always good to have a diversified economy. Here are additional concepts I believe would be great for the city and its development.

I am interested in committing $100B to Las Vegas over the next 25 years to continue to develop the most fun city on planet Earth.

Here is a high level approach:

Hemp Farming

Plant hemp in many places in Nevada. Hemp removes toxins from the soil, and puts nutrients into the ground. Hemp can grow in virtually any climate. Hemp also can help address climate change as it removes 2-4x more CO2 than trees. Yields 4x as much fiber for paper and other textiles, and can be used for 25k textile and other uses.

Hemp can even remove radioactive waste

Manufacturing District

Service industry is important, but so is creating products. I have started a company called Green Glass which will provide glassware to the entire cannabis industry. I plan on putting my manufacturing facility here in Vegas to sell the coolest cannabis jar ever designed.

I think other companies may want to manufacture from this area. More revenue sources.

Tech Hub

If you build it they will come. Fast internet, cheap electricity and clean water means many tech companies will come here as start ups. More revenue.

I also believe in crypto. The city and state itself could invest in themselves or private companies to purchase hardware to mine crypto, which could turn into a wealth fund for the state of Nevada.

Adding on to Fun City

As a fun guy myself, I want to invest in fun things like; go karts, putt putt, water parks, amusement parks, gaming centers, arcades, music venues (outdoor, and indoor), art, theater, food, transportation.

The best way to explain this would be to consider places like Pigeon Forge TN, Nashville TN, Santa Monica CA, Austin TX, Miami FL, Orlando FL.

Incorporating all of these ideas into the future development of Fun City.

Artificial Beaches and Oasis

Is it possible to create artificial beaches? Could Las Vegas and all of Vegas turn into a literal Oasis and an Oasis of fun, relaxation, creativity, happiness, joy, love, and excitement?

I believe so.

High Speed Rail

I would like to invest in a high speed rail connecting Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This trip would take approx. 45 minutes. I believe this would be a great start for the high speed rail system to see the economic benefit and feasibility for the rest of the country.

Additional Ideas

I would like there to be a separate investment fund just for greenery and foliage to bring into the city itself. As new businesses are created and finalized, we could bring more green into the city by purchasing plant life that is suitable for this environment. Eventually altering the ecosystem and biosphere to have a consistent environment 365

Investing in the development of areas for amusement parks similar to Disney world in Orlando FL. Creating A tram that goes around the entire city so people can get around to all of the amazing entertainment options in Las Vegas.

I personally am developing a new sport called Digital Paintball. Las Vegas will be home to Digital Paintball when I finish development.

Gaming centers to bring the biggest gaming tournaments to our city.

The largest bowling alley, possibly combined with the largest indoor dart throwing. Both of these have a large following and can bring lots of people / views.

A permanent, 5 star, all inclusive EDM venue to Fun City, Las Vegas NV.

As mentioned before, an entire strip dedicated to music, food and entertainment similar to Nashville TN.

An entire area similar to Destin FL or Pigeon Forge TN that is dedicated to Arcades, laser tag, many different putt putt courses, etc.


I love this city and all that it offers. This article mentions Las Vegas as the most fun city of all cities in the US. I believe that to be true. The fun doesn’t stop and neither should we. These are the beginning of my ideas for the future of this city and I am looking forward to having many conversations about implementation and having a lot of fun.

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