Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything – a unifying framework that encapsulates everything.

What we know about the Theory of Everything

theory of everything (TOE[1] or TOE/ToE), final theoryultimate theoryunified field theory or master theory is a hypothetical, singular, all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of physics that fully explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe.[2]: 6  Finding a theory of everything is one of the major unsolved problems in physics.[3] String theory and M-theory have been proposed as theories of everything. “

Over the past few centuries, two theoretical frameworks have been developed that, together, most closely resemble a theory of everything. These two theories upon which all modern physics rests are general relativity and quantum mechanics. General relativity is a theoretical framework that only focuses on gravity for understanding the universe in regions of both large scale and high mass: planetsstarsgalaxiesclusters of galaxies etc. On the other hand, quantum mechanics is a theoretical framework that only focuses on the three non-gravitational forces for understanding the universe in regions of both very small scale and low mass: subatomic particlesatomsmolecules, etc. Quantum mechanics successfully implemented the Standard Model that describes the three non-gravitational forces: strong nuclearweak nuclear, and electromagnetic force – as well as all observed elementary particles.[4]: 122  src

Theory of Everything Revealed

When we think about General Relativity, Gravity and Electromagnetism we must understand we are viewing the world from a human perspective. How could we understand and this from any other view?

When we think about a unifying framework, that must also be from a human perspective.

So, now that we understand that the Theory of Everything is a human perspective understanding, what are we missing that would unify everything in the Universe?

Sexual Attraction

Sex is a natural part of life. Like attracts like. How do we attract our “soulmate”?

How do we attract our perfect person, or perfect people? How do we find our needle in the haystack? Our one of a kind, our true love?

The odds of finding our true love seem to be really low- billions of people in the world, across large distances. This seems very difficult, hard to imagine. Am I doing the right things? Am I attracting the right people? Do I love myself? How do I know I am with the right person? Does it feel right?

What if there was a Unifying framework that would help people find their true loves?

When I say true loves, there could indeed be more than two. The outdated framework on love and relationships says there can only be two people in a relationship. What if you are in love with two people (or more) at the same time? Society would shun you and judge you for stepping outside the norm. You can only be with one person!

If you happen to be in love with two people at the same time (and they are both in love with you), in order to fit into society you would need to break one of their hearts to be together.

What if you are supposed to be with more than 2 people? By shutting yourself off to the rest of the world (because of rules of society), those people may never be fully loved, and would wander endlessly without feeling true, whole, encompassing love.

We are love based beings here to experience. And I am here to bring a little unification.

Quantum Entanglement

“Albert Einstein famously said that quantum mechanics should allow two objects to affect each other’s behavior instantly across vast distances, something he dubbed “spooky action at a distance”1. Decades after his death, experiments confirmed this. But, to this day, it remains unclear exactly how much coordination nature allows between distant objects. Now, five researchers say they have solved a theoretical problem that shows that the answer is, in principle, unknowable.”

Quantum Entanglement is essentially two particles (or more) forever entwined. Albert Einstein considered this to be spooky action at a distance because this breaks all rules of physics. Two particles could be on the other side of the universe and could receive information instantaneously because of their interconnected nature.

Light itself as a maximum speed (speed of light) (299 792 458 m / s). This means light as information can only travel so fast. If you’ve ever heard of Faster than light travel, it means that until faster than light travel has been invented, you could only travel as fast as light itself (up to 299,792,458 m/s).

When you travel faster than this speed, you are now traveling faster than light.

When two particles, which may have a distance greater than hundreds of billons of light years, it would take a REALLY long time for information to travel between these two particles or people!

How do we process the information of Quantum Entanglement in regards to speed of light? LOVE!

This is considered spooky because QE confirms that information can literally be transmitted instantaneously regardless of space and time itself. There could only be one answer to this and it is love. Love is boundless, timeless and means everything.


“Do singularities exist?

Singularities can happen anywhere, and they are surprisingly common in the mathematics that physicists use to understand the universe. Put simply, singularities are places where the mathematics “misbehave,” typically by generating infinitely large values.”

But there are singularities in physics that do not have simple resolutions. The most famous are gravitational singularities, the infinities that appear in Einstein’s general relativity (GR), which is currently our best theory of how gravity works.

In general relativity, there are two kinds of singularities: coordinate singularities and true singularities. Coordinate singularities happen when an infinity appears in one coordinate system (a particular choice for recording separations in time and space) but disappears in another.

For example, the physicist Karl Schwarzschild applied general relativity to the simple system of a spherical mass, such as a star. He found that the solution contained two singularities, one in the very center and one at a certain distance from the center, known today as the Schwarzschild radius. For many years, physicists thought that both singularities signaled breakdowns in the theory, but it didn’t matter as long as the radius of the spherical mass was larger than the Schwarzschild radius. All physicists needed was for GR to predict the gravitational influence outside the mass, according to San Jose State University.


Sexual Attraction Theory

Sexual attraction – Sex is something that affects all us as humans. Everyone has their own energy field, understanding, views, and beliefs. Every person you meet as their own sexual energy. If we do not have a firm understanding of sexual attraction (unifying theory) then we may have a lot of confusion about the world and ourselves.

This confusion can lead to incongruence, physical and emotional distress. If we are confused about life and sexuality, everywhere we go we would find more confusion about ourselves. Eventually, we could end up with someone who may not be right for us (society will us that if we are not with someone then we are not worthy of being loved).

When we end up with someone who is not right for us, we feel a lack of love. When we lack love over a long period of time, we change in a negative way because we are not vibrating at the frequency of love. We change from a love based being to a more negative vibration.

Nikola Tesla famously said “If you wish to understand the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

Your energy will be determined by the frequency (the rate / how often) and you vibrate (feel / emotions). When you are completely in love with the right people, you will vibrate at the frequency of love, and the longer (rate/frequency) you feel love, the sooner you will be completely encompassed with love. And one day, all you would feel is bliss, euphoria and then finally enlightenment.

The Sexual Attraction Theory

So, now that we have a firm understanding of these concepts, it is time to reveal the sexual attraction unifying theory.

From our understanding of human sexuality, there are 4 main categories or terms. Straight, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay. Below I will list each category and give insight and a diagram on how these relate to each other.


Our current understanding of a straight relationship:

1 woman and 1 man

Now the interesting part about this: there are actually two sexes in a straight relationship. (bisexual = bi (2) sexual (sex) = 2 sexes), therefore, this invalidates the current understanding of bisexuality.

One to Many

One to many is a database / programming syntax. In this regards, there are is one many and 1:N women; N being the total number of women in this relationship.

The regular icosahedron (often simply called “the” icosahedron) is the regular polyhedron and Platonic solid having 12 polyhedron vertices, 30 polyhedron edges, and 20 equivalent equilateral triangle faces
Earth is the 3rd planet from the Sun and is the one we appreciate the most since it is the planet we live on. The Earth map used to create this icosahedron was made by A. Tayfun Oner. The land portion of the icosahedron comes from AVHRR data.

In this relationship, the singular man attracts 1 to many women. In our current understanding of bisexuality, if a women is attracted to both men and women, she is considered bisexual. There are many women who are indeed attracted to women, so they would never be able to consider themselves “straight”.

With an attractive straight man, he attracts women who are similar to himself (straight). This man is likely to draw attention from attractive women, who would also find other women highly attractive (like attracts like) – however, sexual attraction would fail to fully complete because the self categorized “bisexual woman” is trying to (consciously or subconsciously) attract a bisexual man, which would be incongruent with the straight man.

No matter what, unless the definitions were clarified, the would not have full attraction. A straight man and a bisexual women engaged in a relationship, she would believe the straight man is bisexual, which would lead to incongruence in the relationship, because now the straight man would be deemed a “bisexual” because of the nature of multiple women in this relationship. Leading to many incongruent moments.

The diagram below will illustrate why this would cause issues. There are many straight women in a straight relationship, even if they have sexual relations with each other on a one and one basis.


Bisexual women attracts a bisexual woman.

A bisexual woman could have 1:N attractions, be it men or women.

A bisexual man could have 1:N attractions, be it men or women.

In the straight relationship, the man is the singular point and the other points being the 1:N women in the relationship; meaning, the women will have attraction for the other women through the singular man.

With a bisexual man, a bisexual man would be attracted to a women through the attraction of another man.

Example: If a straight man has feeling for a “bisexual” woman (attractive women are attracted to other attractive women), a bisexual man would have attraction for a women because of the attraction from the straight man – meaning the attraction from the bisexual man to the “bisexual” (likely straight) woman is because of the sexual attraction (social value) of the “high value” straight man.

This could potentially cause many issues (incongruent moments) from male domination hierarchy – the need to prove strength and domination over another man.

A straight man would likely not engage in this type of affair as it would cause him physical and mental incongruence, due to the need to “compete” for a women.

When a straight man bows out (stops focusing) on this type of situation, the attraction would likely dissipate because the emotional value is now gone, leaving the women to believe there may be something wrong with her, and causing physical and emotional distressing moments in this relationship.

These type of connections would also cause emotional confusions because of the nature of a 1:N connections (emotional connections).

If a straight man were to focus (not even engage sexually yet) with a “bisexual woman”, she would begin to attract other bisexual men / women to her because of the enormous amount of energy coming her way from a straight man.

The straight man understands that his energy will attract the perfect women – the issue here is that if the society believes that women who are attracted to other women are bisexual (or lesbian), they would find it impossible to attract the singular man they are looking for.

If a bisexual women engages with another bisexual woman, and one of them is sexually engaged with another (bisexual) man, the emotional incongruence would pass through and would cause discomfort, and would still repel the straight man.

In a straight relationship, the women engaged with the singular man (singular man attracting women like himself) would need to be straight. They would then attract other single, straight women who would know that this is the preferred relationship for them.

The attraction of the straight man to straight women would create attraction to the other straight women in the relationship – thus women hooking up could be considered straight, bisexual, or lesbian or gay.



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