Vegan Bodybuilding Diet: Exclusive Health & Wellness Truth

In my Parkinson’s Post on the front page and Parkinson’s Treatment. I have detailed that it could take up to two years for someone to heal from serious symptoms of dis-ease such as Parkinson’s, cancer and other disorders. I believe a vegan bodybuilding diet will help myself get stronger, remove inflammation and achieve optimal health.

As humans are herbivores, I believe many people have chronic inflammation which is causing serious illness due to animal products and other inflammatory causing foods.

2 Year Wellness Progress Report

My diet and nutrition routine started 1/15/2022 – I am following my own health and wellness plan to heal myself from symptoms of dis-ease (Parkinson’s).

Every Month I will update this page with my progress (picture) and what I methods I am following.

Vegan Bodybuilding Diet

1 Month In (1/15 – 2/15)

vegan bodybuilding diet
vegan bodybuilding diet
vegan bodybuilding diet

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