Vegan Protein Shake (Meat Replacement)

Ingredient List for Vegan Protein Shake that includes meat replacement nutrients.

One of the difficulties of the switch to a vegan diet is the withdrawal from nutrients from meat. The body becomes reliant on these nutrients and will have higher & more intense cravings for meat as the body detoxes from animal based foods.

The idea with a vegan replacement shake is to provide the body with adequate nutrient calories and nutrients found in meat.

Vegan Meat Replacement Shake

Plant Based Gainer (2-4 scoops)

Hemp Protein (4 tbsp)

570 calories 50g protein, 70g carbs

110 calories 15g protein

L Carnosine 1 mg

L Carnitine 1 mg

MSM 1 mg

Active Creatine 2.5 mg

BCAA 1 mg

MCT oil Teaspoon

Lysine 1 mg

Taurine 1 mg

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