Vegan Supplements, Vegan Bodybuilding

Here is a list of current supplements I am taking. This list comprises everything that I have spoken about previously (Pyramid of Health), however, these are the vegan version of those supplements. Vegan Supplements, Vegan Bodybuilding

If meat causes inflammation – and most infectious diseases come from animals – it would make sense to remove all sources of animal products, especially vitamins used to repair the body and make us healthier.

As I work with my own body to heal itself, I am committed myself to the vegan bodybuilding lifestyle. The question I have posed to myself, as an avid weightlifter:

Why should an animal have to die for me to gain muscle?

If an animal must die for me to gain muscle – then bodybuilding, and all of its forms, is one of the most vain hobbies in the world. In order for us to look and feel stronger, we must choose to kill animals for our own muscle growth.

Yes – picking up meat at the counter is a choice to kill an animal. A person chasing muscle growth, is choosing to consume higher amounts of animal protein for the sake of building muscle.

Does this make sense to anyone? Not to me, at all.

Vegan Bodybuilding

Enter: A new lifestyle. A lifestyle focused on health, fitness and love. Love for ourselves and love for others, including mother nature. Vegan Supplements, Vegan Bodybuilding will help you achieve optimal health.

Here is a list of all the supplements I am currently taking:


(1) Vegan calorie sources will help you hit your macro nutrients as you are switching to a vegan diet – this will help you bridge the gap with calories as you figure out your new diet plan / and will help you bulk up.

(2) Hemp protein + creatine, carnitine, lysine, taurine is essentially replacing animal meat. When you stop consuming animal protein, you are lacking certain nutrients which help you build muscle.

(3) The of the supplements are what I am taking to achieve optimal health. I believe in addition to a vegan diet, vegan supplements are extremely necessary to prevent inflammation and provide the body with what it needs.

Calorie Source
Vegan Gainer
Vegan Protein Bar
Hemp Protein
Vegan Gainer 2
Vegan Omega 3
Vegan Creatine
Vegan Carnitine
Vegan Taurine
Vegan Lysine
Vegan Multi Vitamin & Mineral
Vegan Vit A
Vegan Vit E
Vegan D3
Vegan B Complex
Vegan DHA
Vegan Magnesium
Vegan MSM
Vegan Biotin
Vegan Probiotic
Vegan Zinc
Nascent Iodine
Thera Breath

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