What Is The Answer To COVID?

What do we do to get people healthier? What is the answer to COVID?

I read about hospitals becoming overwhelmed with COVID patients – either vaccinated or unvaccinated. I read about burnout in staff, staff pay not being where it should and those fleeing the hospitals all together.

“U.S. Hospitals Struggle to Match Walmart Pay as Staff Flees Omicron


If hospitals are not able to match pay with Walmart – then what is really going on? Why are the hospital workers having to deal with so much stress and disease while barely being paid anything at all? It is baffling to me, a person who believes in solutions – there is always a solution.

Wrong Approach?

If you read my article about Money, Energy, and Health – health is directly tied to our energy (and money, since money is an energy). Would our healthcare workers fare better if they were paid better? Is disease a greater vector if 60% of our country cannot afford a $500 payment? Is the answer to covid among money issues?

“63% Of Americans Don’t Have Enough Savings To Cover A $500 Emergency”


If a large majority of our country cannot afford basic necessities, supplements, food, water, etc then they are at greater risk for fatigue and dis-ease.

What do we do to get people healthier? Answer to Covid?

Does Diet Play a Role in the answer to covid?

According to Harvard study :

Harvard study: Healthy diet associated with lower COVID-19 risk and severity


If diet and socioeconomic status plays a role, how do we bridge this gap? If those without enough money (energy) cannot afford enough food, nutrients, how do we fix this problem?

Healthcare and Supplements

Total healthcare spending $3.6 trillion (2018); per capita: $11,172 (2018).

Every man, woman and child is spending about $11,172 for healthcare in this nation. How do we save money and get healthier? How can we, as individuals, take better care of our health, and thus have a healthier and more prosperous nation?

The Pyramid of Health –
The Answer to COVID

What do we do to get people healthier?

I created the concept called the Pyramid of Health

  1. Vitamins
  2. Minerals
  3. Probiotics
  4. CBD

Add in Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc and you have a powerhouse of supplements to heal the body. Total Cost: $135 / month (estimated).

If the monthly cost of Pyramid of Health (PoH: vit, min, probiotics, cbd) is:

$135 * 329.5 = 44,943,534,855 ($44.9B)

Then we divide the cost of the PoH by total spending

PoH cost Total Spending

44,943,534,855 / 3,600,000,000,000 * 100 =

1.24 % (PoH would be 1.24% of total spending)

to double check our math we would multiply total spending by 1.24%

3,600,000,000,000 * 1.24843152375 = 4.4943535e+12


I believe that redirecting spending into vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and CBD would increase the overall health of the nation’s economy and put the United States back on track for success well into the future.

What do we do to get people healthier? We provide the body what it needs to get healthier, to replenish itself properly. The body replaces its cells every 2 years – what energy does it use, what resources does it use to do so?

One last note – our founding fathers believed hemp to be a necessity to wealth and protection of the nation – we should get back to this ASAP.

answer to covid - pyramid of health
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