World of Warcraft

Welcome to World of Warcraft, my favorite game.

I am lvl 58 druid, TheBusiness, on the realm Thunderlord. I started a guild called <Vegains> – a guild for health conscious, like minded people to play together on their favorite game.

WoW was created back in 2004 by my favorite development company Blizzard Entertainment.

Could WoW be a method to reduce stress? I think so. This is fantasy game – similar to a fantasy book – where your adventure never stops. You get to level a character endlessly with new content to always explore.

If you are new to MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role playing game) or new to world of warcraft – fear not, there is much to learn but much to enjoy.

Download the blizzard client, install WoW (retail) and create a character. The game is free up till level 20.

World Of Warcraft – Intro Video

TheBusiness, Night Elf Druid <Vegains> Thunderlord

World of warcraft thebusiness jamesstudy

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